May 19, 2011


Reshin Bima is an artist of the Shipibo- Konibo indigenous people of the Amazonian Rainforest of Peru. His paintings depict Amazonian landscapes and shamanic visions that are inspired by rituals performed with the use of sacred plant medicines (rao), in particular ayahuasca, traditional to the Shipibo-Konibo culture. Through these practices Reshin Bima explores the cosmos and his unique ancestral inheritance, enhancing the visionary journey of his work.

Reshin Bima was born in 1981 in the Native Community of Santa Clara, located along Lake Yarinacocha near the city of Pucallpa in the Ucayali region. At an early age he migrated to Peru’s capitol city, Lima, where he later transformed into a self-taught artist, almost immediately gaining recognition as one of Peru's finest contemporary Shipibo artists.

In his native Peru Reshin Bima has exhibited in an array of galleries, including at the National Museum of Peru in Lima and Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun) in Cusco, and he has participated in numerous art fairs, murals, workshops and social projects. Currently, he is living in California where he continues to create art and promote the preservation of his cultural traditions.